Community Service
Giving generously in dollars and volunteer services to the community has been a core value of Piper-Morgan since 1977. We have supported numerous non-profit organizations serving children and adults in need of health care, education, counseling, protection and recreation. Piper-Morgan partners and employees have devoted countless hours to coach and encourage job seekers to take specific steps to get back to work after entering the employment market for no fault of their own. We encourage and support Piper-Morgan employees to identify and actively support community and charitable organizations of their choice.

Today's Harbor for Children

Formerly known as the Boys & Girls Harbor, Today’s Harbor for Children provides healthy, comprehensive care for children and families in crisis. For children who are experiencing family hardship, neglect, abandonment or abuse, the Harbor provides on-site homes each headed by a child loving, married couple . Gladney Darroh, Co-Founder of Piper-Morgan Associates, was deeply involved in the harbor for 15 busy and productive years including 4 years as Chairman of the Board.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Will Darroh, Co-Founder of Piper-Morgan Associates, was pleased to serve as a very active member of the Board for 20 years and continues to support the work of this excellent organization.

Career Assistance Ministry

Career Assistance Ministry (CAM) was established in a large local church as a non-profit, non-denominational job search advisory program for job seekers in the Houston area. Job seekers of all ages, professions, industries and career levels were provided valuable support in the form of job search skills, activities, resources and networking contacts. Will Darroh was the founder and driving force of CAM serving over 1,400 job seekers over 7 years.

Job Search Power

Job Search Power is a website that educates and encourages job seekers to conduct a planned, focused, disciplined and activities driven effort to get back to work or seek a new job to advance career objectives. It is a comprehensive program that covers every aspect of job search including ways to overcome all the common and less frequent challenges encountered by job seekers. Job Search Power is a FREE service to job seekers created by Will Darroh in 2015.

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