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Oh brothers! Darrohs win
big at HAAPC banquet   

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Will Darroh of Piper-Morgan Associates Personnel Consultants won the outstanding contribution to the community award.

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    For the first time in its history, the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants bestowed top honors on two brothers for outstanding professional achievement during their annual awards banquet.
    Will Darroh earned HAAPC's Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award and his brother, Gladney B. Darroh, was named Top Producer for 1997 in the Technical/Professional Division.

    The Darrohs are founding partners, along with their brother Dick, in Piper-Morgan Associates Personnel Consultants, a 21-year-old firm headquartered in Houston and specializing in technical/professional placement.
    He also recognized the efforts of his mother, Peggy Darroh, a member of the Piper-Morgan staff and the corporation's permanent representative to the various charities around the community.
    "Last year, at age 70, our mother received the annual award for volunteer of the year for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston" he said.
    For Gladney Darroh, earning the Top Producer award in the Technical/Professional category marks reaching the pinnacle of recruiting success.
    "It's been a personal goal for some time," said Darroh, adding that achieving this goal was because of the inspiration of his children, Ashley and Steven - "two great kids I'm so very proud of and because they are good kids, my job has been easier-as a single parent and at the office."
    Darroh also holds his award as a validation of his firm's business philosophy, creating relationships based on respect, consideration, and honesty.

Gladney Darroh of Piper-Morgan Associates Personnel Consultants won the top producer award in the technical/professional division.


  "If you have a good, strong working relationship in place, the business will naturally follow," he said. "And this award really represents a successful effort by my two brothers and partners," he said. "Whatever success we've achieved, we've achieved it together."
    Will Darroh, recognized for his many personal and corporate contributions to the community, said he was very suprised to receive his award.
    "If it means anything, it means all of us in the industry have an obligation to carve out time to give back to the community, an activity that's good for the soul and the community."
    Darroh, a long-time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston, said he and his firm have also been involved in the Shriner Institute, the Houston Foodbank, the 100 Club of Houston and the Rotary Club. A member of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors for many years, he has served on the executive, long range planning and site selection committees, instrumental in constructing two new facilities in the past three years.
    He is also responsible for several successful fundraising projects, including the Corporate Grand Prix begun in Houston last year.
    "Considering the time commitments, I could not have been involved in these activities without the support of my family and business partners," he said.
    As an active HAAPC member, Darroh credits the group with furthering each individual's community outreach efforts with their annual HAAPC Christmas party and proceeds from their traditional silent auction going to support "Limbs of Love" and the Center for the Retarded.
    "I would say I am pleased to receive this award. It's an honor useful to the extent it may encourage others to become more involved in the community," Will Darroh said.

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